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ALTITUDE OUTDOORS is your gateway to adventure in the Big Horn Mountains of Northeastern Wyoming. Come explore the many hidden gems of this beautiful area in our all-inclusive outdoor adventure tours. Become connected with the culture of the WILD west. Immerse yourself in the wonders of Sheridan and the surrounding area as you embrace a mountain lifestyle full of spontaneity and excitement.Whether you're on a family vacation, traveling solo, eighteen or eighty, we've got something for you! Select from our pre-scheduled outings, or contact us to discuss building a CUSTOM trip. 



x-c skiing

Explore Wyoming's High Country!

We offer a great selection of hiking tours through mountain canyons, meadows and forests. The scenery will take your breath away as you pass by babbling brooks, raging rivers, and flowing waterfalls. Choose between half/full day hikes, backpacking trips or our high altitude excursions

If you can walk, you can snowshoe!

ALTITUDE OUTDOORS will take you up and down rolling hills and around mountain lakes on our special winter snowshoe adventures. These trips are even more exciting under a full moon, so check the calendar and plan accordingly!

Keep Calm andSki On!

Glide through the glades on well-kept, groomed trails and find your rhythm as you ski across mountain meadows and coast down gradual hillsides. We'll even stop off at a warming hut to brush off the cold beside a wood burning stove. See our x-c skiing page for more information!

All tours with ALTITUDE OUTDOORS include Lodging and equipment rental (if necessary) and a packed lunch.

The Bighorns can provide for unpredictable weather. While the skies are friendly for the most part, there is always the chance of a storm. It is important to be prepared for these sudden changes in climate. See our suggested packing list below to make sure you don't leave any important items at home:

- Make sure you have a light day pack to hold water, snacks, and any layers you might need to store along the way.

- At high altitudes, the sun is very strong. Please keep yourself safe from potential sun damage and bring good quality sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat.

-WATER! WATER! WATER!Stay hydrated while you're exploring the mountains. You might not be used to activity in high altitudes, so be sure you drink plenty of water before, during AND after your trip.

- Sturdy hiking boots or snow boots (some trails may go through creek crossings, so you might want to consider waterproof boots)

- Layers!! Be sure to bring lots of light layers. Cotton is not recommended as once wet from rain, sweat, or a water fight on a hot day... stays wet. If the temperature drops, we don't want you getting cold!

- We recommend long pants (light weight) as opposed to shorts, but either one will suffice. You might encounter thistles, burrs, prickers, or poison ivy while on the trail. Protect yourself for the discomfort of contact with these obstacles!

- DON'T FORGET YOUR CAMERA! But if you do, don't worry. Our guide, Kate, has a love for photography and will be snapping photos of you throughout your stay (unless you're really THAT camera shy).

- Last, but certainly not least... ALTITUDE OUTDOORS requires that everyone bring a positive attitude, a smile, perhaps a few high fives.


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Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride!

Whether you're an accomplished equestrian or it's your first time around horses, you're bound to have a great time in the saddle. Ride across the foothills of the Big Horns on our day rides or try something new and sign up for a pack trip. More information can be found here.

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